Back to work after a long weekend, with or without a Muffin top?

Well today I went back to work after only one day off, it doesn’t feel like there has been a weekend at all. Ah well, it’s my job after all. On the real subject though, I pointed our receptionist Shawn at this site, which turned out to be a real eye opener for her. The good part is she took it all in her stride which I’m very happy about as we often joke and laugh together both being foreigners and all that.

Hilarity ensued and I couldn’t wait to let her in on the info her when over lunch we spoke of muffin top’s. I had said about my weight loss, and a good friend (who is not in the know yet) said I should watch it, or I could have a muffin top.

This I found extremely funny as I thought to myself, “if only you knew the truth”.

When I spoke to Shawn later and she started thinking about the same comment we both burst into laughter again.

On a more serious note, I made the appointment with the doctor. I’m really not looking forward to it as they do like to lay it on thick about self prescribing anything, and I have heard of cases where the doctor refuses to deal with it. I hope that is not the case here, and I do hope that he moves fairly quickly to help me “get it right”.