Below you can find a collection of links to other resources available on the Internet.

I don’t endorse any of the sites below (except those I run) as they are public resources run by individuals and groups that I have no control or influence over.

If you have a site that you would like to link here, please email me with the link and a short description.

Link Description Michelle’s MySpace page. Stefanie Imbruglia’s Infomation page. A Community for Crossdressers, the Transgendered, Transsexuals, their Loved Ones and Friends The home of crossdressing in Australia. Contacts for transgender girls. The fastest growing site for the transvestite, transgendered, and crossdressing community. A dating site for Transsexuals. A Transsexual Dating site. Transgender Guide – Transgendered Information, Links & Resources. Brisbane Tgirls: A place on the net for not being on the net. Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland Inc. Anne Lawrence’s Medical and Other Resources for Transsexual Women. Your Gender Identity support group (Under Construction) Seahorse Society of Queensland – A support and social group catering to the crossdressing and transgender community of Queensland, Australia “You are not alone” – Since 1995 URNotAlone (URNA) has provided FREE services to the Transgendered Community. The Gender Identity Support Group. Transsexual and Transgender Transition, Medical, and Hair Removal Help and Consumer Guide. Yahoo! Discussion Group: Australian Transsexual Support Network. Yahoo! Discussion Group: The New Canberra Transgender Network (NewCTN). Yahoo! Discussion Group: A list for people living in Queensland. Partners, family members, friends, genderqueer, gender-questioning, FTMs, transgendered people, transmen, men with transsexualism.



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