Well no one likes a muffin top, least of all me, so when I blurted out that one of Ally’s outfits really wasn’t flattering around Christmas, she decided it was about time to loose some weight (and yes I got in lots of trouble for blurting it out). Out of the many diets out there, some of which she has tried, this time she went to ‘SureSlim‘. I was a little disturbed at the cost, some $800+ to join, but encouraged Ally to go for it, and really give it ago.

Ally’s initial weight was around 97kg (213.4lb, or 15st 3.4lb for those who work in old money). She didn’t look fat, but you knew she had some extra weight that shouldn’t be there. She also went to the gym at least twice a week and often 3-4 times a week, it seemed to make no difference.

SureSlim as I have been informed is not a diet per say it’s more an eating plan, and a program of checkups. It starts by you going to the doctor for broad spectrum blood tests, which the result are sent back to SureSlim and the doctor for comment. Ally’s diagnosis was a good level of fitness, the cholesterol levels were fine, but liver function was slightly low. The SureSlim consultant then asked Ally, what does she really like to eat and what does she not like to eat at all? They then tailored a diet specifically for Ally taking into account what she likes to eat, what she doesn’t (so they don’t give her anything she doesn’t), even taking into account that she is a strict vegetarian. The diet has to be reasonably strictly adhered to, until you get used to it, and in Ally’s case the hardest part was not what to eat, but when to eat it (more on that later).

Over the next few months Ally’s weight loss was significant, and as such in just 4 and a half months she has lost over 27kg (59.6lb or 4st 3.4lb). She is not exercising more than before, and reality is she is exercising less due to work constraints.

You have to hand it to Ally, she really knows how to make a statement, and I can only say hat’s off to SureSlim.

So why this page on weightloss? Well I started to alter my diet based on SureSlim during the week beginning 20th April 2008. My starting weight was a slightly lower at 95kg (209lb or 14st 13lbs) and I didn’t do any blood tests, or pay the $800+ to get officially recognised. I just followed some of the stricter parts of Ally’s eating plan:

  1. Eat three meals a day.
  2. Eat each meal 5 hours after the last.
  3. Start the day with breakfast.

So the really the only difference between what I have been doing for the last 10 years and now, is I have breakfast every day. Yes I still have several glasses of alcohol a week (wine mostly), I still have a beer some nights when I get home from work. I still eat fast food, though for some time I have limited myself to once a week for any of the following:

  • McDonalds
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Hungry Jacks (Burger King)
  • Red Rooster

The fast food that I might eat any day of the week include:

  • Ali Baba’s Kebabs (usually a ‘plate’ rather than a kebab).
  • Subway
  • Noodle Box (Asian Noodle house that will fry up a box of rice or noodle)
  • Wokitup (another Asian Noodle house that will fry up a box of rice or noodle)
  • Pide Hut (in-particular the Lyneham one).

Occasionally I will walk to get these, but more often than not I will take the car as I have little time.

For tea in the evenings it is not uncommon for me to cook up an omelet (always with 3 eggs, extras are a any of the following: bacon, ham, capsicum (red peppers), onion, cheese (extra tasty/mature), mushrooms, and tomato). I also have stirfrys, occasionally pasta (which I usually make a quick sauce myself), or even just sandwiches. Ally and I still eat out twice a week, often more than twice. Where we go every week is always our favorite Thai place called Thai Ayutthaya (we always get excellent food there, and always have fun with the owners whom are friendly and approachable), and Cafe Charisma where we have breakfast on a Saturday morning.

One week after starting my weight was 93kg (204.6lb, or 14st 8.6lb), two weeks later, 90kg (198lb, or 14st 2lb) and I just weighed myself this morning (not even a week since) and I’m 88kg (193.6lb, or 13st 11.6lb), that’s 7kg (15.4lb, or 1st 1.4lb) in a few weeks just by eating breakfast and making sure all meals are five hours apart. I will record my weights and dates here from now, just to show how I go, starting with the date today and my current weight.

  • Sunday, May 4th 2008 – 88kg (193.6lb, or 13st 11.6lb)

Well with the conference and other pressures everything went a little haywire, but I’m back on track again. The last trip to the doctor showed me at 88kg, and checking at home that read just under 90kg, so I’ve gained between 1 and 2 kilos over the month of May.

  • Tuesday, June 3rd 2008 – 89kg (195.8lb, or 13st 13.8lb)

Well quite disappointingly I don’t seem to have changed in weight.  I’m still 89kg, and I’m now working out at the gym three days a week. That said the belly seems to be going slowly, and of course boobies are growing, so it could be a balancing act.

  • Saturday, August 9th 2008 – 89kg (195.8lb, or 13st 13.8lb)

So much has happened so much updates I haven’t done…

  • Friday, April 8th 2011 – 82kg



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