Two years on..

Well almost two years on but the abuse I suffered at the hands of my ex (Katie Crothers) is still affecting my life in a negative way..  Seems no matter what I do there is always someone that knows her, there is always someone that wants to know me that I have the suspicion is just a friend of hers probing for more information….  Checking the logs of the webserver shows continual stalker activity..  and now the TV has ads about how to recognise it..  well just as an experiment I followed the link on the TV and filled out the form remembering how I was 2 years ago today, and here is the result:
‘This is ABUSE’

I suspect I’m never going to get over this issue, ever, even with psychiatric help, please be aware, and please do not fall victim to a pathological abuser.  If you think you are a victim, go to the website: fill out the form honestly and read the results.