Children can be so short sighted, but should we blame the world of today…?

Now I don’t normally post things like this, but I thought I’d share this with you all. My son was an early learner, we hoped he’d be following in my foot steps and learning computers, programming, IT, etc. That proved to be nothing more than a pipe dream, being diagnosed with ADHD some years back went on the drugs that take away the energy and spark that is needed to become someone truly great. What for? So that he could cope with being bored with everything. I have said for a long time that most ADHD kids are not ADHD, but are in fact bored, life when I was a child was all about getting out of the house getting chased by farmers with with shotguns and getting hit with “salt shot” (that stings like a b*******d I can tell you.) We went out “scrumping” during the summer, and fell out of trees on a weekly basis. It didn’t matter whether you were a boy or a girl, whether you were black or white (well except for when you were hiding in bushes to protect your arse from salt shot! 😉 .) We kept things about where we had been to try and elude our mums and dads into a false sense of security that we were where we were supposed to be and not getting in trouble, none of us wanted to be grounded. None of use wanted our arses kicked by our dads (that was always worse then getting hit by salt shot) and for those who think a child should never be hit, just remember this: we knew the consequences of our actions from around the age of 7. We knew that if we did something wrong out of ignorance we would get told what is right. We knew that if we did it again we’d get shouted at and berated. We knew that if we did it again we’d get the cane, the hand, or “the stick”. The hand unless was to bare skin didn’t really hurt, it just sent a shock to the system. The cane stung like nothing else, but was soon forgotten. “The stick” well that was a weapon that could have broken bones, but no matter how angry mum and dad got, no matter how much we deliberately winded them up, it never broke anything, it also never bruised, it just hurt like nothing else with a lasting pain that kept you reminded for a few hours.

Today the world is very different. You even look like you’re about to hit a child and you get arrested, God forbid you chastise (even verbally) another families child. Today mums and dads are divorced by their own children, they are gaoled for child abuse when they carry out any form of discipline on their children.