The after nearly a year, the outcome…


Well after nearly a year of back and forth to the courts, the Maltese have not dropped the case instead they have put it on indefinite hold. Turns out that they have a choice, if a person leaves the country to avoid prosecution the courts can either drop the case or leave it on ‘indefinite open’, and they choose either based on a number of issues.. Whether the person was initially served and turned up, and whether there are witnesses or not.

Katie Crothers turned up at court on a number of occasions after making herself a pest with the police, then left the country hoping the case would be dropped. She also got reprimanded by the judge for wasting police time and trying to use them to harass me, after succeeding in using my former employer to harass and discriminate against me. Neither the judge nor the Maltese police were impressed by her proxy harassment (first using my former employer, then the police themselves) so the judge returned the favour and declared that the case should be left open indefinitely. Therefore should she return to Europe (anywhere in Europe) at any time in the future she will be arrested and brought to Malta to stand trial, not only for the stalking and harassment issue, but also for ‘Contempt of Court’.

Readers should note for the future, had she actually turned up at court it would have probably resulted in a EUR50-EUR400 fine with an order never to contact myself. Instead, by running from it, now she has screwed her future in any bank or government agency as she has an indefinite arrest warrant pending across Europe for the more serious crime of Contempt of Court which could result in a jail sentence if she ever returns to Europe. Of course anyone with experience with the legal system will also know that should she turn herself in, that charge will be dropped, though the other cases will not.