Malta Rocks!

Gerry and Michelle at Klozet
Gerry and Michelle at Klozet

Well I must say, I’ve never gotten home from a night out when the sun was already shining…! 7am has to be the record for me, and I don’t think I’m going to do that again in a hurry.


A great night with the camera, loads of photos up on Facebook, and shortly on Clubshots needless to say my very own stalker (Katie Crothers) was hanging around like a bad smell again, this time she brought three new people with her, all guys along with the same guy that I photographed last week making threatening and obscene gestures from the road at me last week when I was on the balcony of Remedy. I guess she’s not going to quit not matter what others tell her so I should just wait for the courts to deal with her.

Nik and Michelle
Nik and Michelle

Klozet with Nik and Gerry was fantastic, loads more photos taken as usual. Then there were the nude guys dancing in Coconut.. poor guy he only had a 1″ penis, though didn’t stop one person from keeping her eyes on it until staff and friends got him covered up.


Lawra introduced me to some of her workmates last night after her work finished. Three girls from the UK, what a scream Rebecca and Abi are, but I have them to thank for the hang over!… Someone switched me from Jack Daniels and Coke to Vodka Red Bulls when we got to Clique..

Rebecca and Michelle in Clique
Abi, Rebecca and Michelle
Abi, Rebecca and Michelle

A girly weekend in the UK…

Well what can I say… but WHAT FUN!!! 😉

The flight over was uneventful apart from getting stacked above London for 45 minutes, but being with someone fun, interesting and a good laugh what more can I ask, time just flew along… Until we surfed the travelators…

Lydia Surfing the Travelator
Michelle Surfing the Travelator













Being on the Avis ‘Preferred’ member list really makes a difference as well, just walk in with your driving license and without any further ado, get in your car and drive off. Couldn’t be easier!

Mum as always didn’t know when to stop bringing out the food, but Lydia loves shellfish so was in her element…

Lydia and shellfish...
Mum's idea of a snack... 😉













Then it was off to the Ocean Rooms with an old school friend Vicky and meeting Wendy.

The Gang!
The Ocean Rooms
Lydia and I grooving it up!
Lydia and Vicky























Condoms, Tampax, and Chocolate... !?!

Loads more photos of the “Room’s” and the fun we had over in my gallery.

The following day it was back in to the Citreon DS..

Miss Klozet 2011

Saturday night and I was still hung over from Friday!.. That was a real ‘ouch’ from Friday as it lasted until 1am on Sunday.

Anyhow as I was asked by the management Klozet to come take photos of the evening I also produced a video for them that they will be putting up on the screens.. so here are a couple of photos and the Miss Klozet 2011 video (greatly reduced in size I might add.)

Miss Klozet 2011
Miss Klozet 2011
Klozet Club - Paceville
Klozet Club - Paceville
Miss Klozet 2011 - Paceville, Malta - Part 1
Miss Klozet 2011 - Paceville, Malta - Part 2
Miss Klozet 2011 - Paceville, Malta - Part 3