So the harassment continues….

Police reports filed this time. Having a friend that works at facebook and that can track the IP addresses and the accounts is handy. Was a bit of a pain at first, but when someone starts making false reports to harass, well those reports can be retrieved under the EU Freedom of Information and Data protection Acts. Prosecutions under criminal law soon follow.

In case you are wondering who it is… well it’s my ex Katie Crothers (yes the same one that reported me to the police, tried to take me to court, the 22 year old Australian who was living in Naxxar, Malta but has moved to Tal-ibragg, Malta (DoB: 8th August 1988) etc because I told the world she abused me) and just so that none of you ever get caught by her here’s what she

You killed it!

Um… no.. and how nice is it now…

Moving house is stressful for people and pets alike, but it is also stressful for plants as well.

Sometimes you have got it, sometimes you wish you had!

Well what a weekend, the partying started Friday night at 5pm and well I broke all my previous records, never have I partied for more than 12 hours straight, and the partying finished at 4pm on Saturday… then at 8pm the partying started again… until 5am on Sunday.. Yes 36 hours of partying with just a 4 hour break!

Anyhow so many cool people have come into my life I can’t believe how lucky I am.