Back to the doctor…

Today is not a good day.

The results from my blood test were back and I got an appointment to see the doctor as some of the results were abnormal.

The normal range of values for AST (SGOT) is from 5 to 40 units per liter of serum (the liquid part of the blood).

The normal range of values for ALT (SGPT) is from 7 to 56 units per liter of serum.

The recorded levels were AST ~ 86 and ALT ~ 122, not all that bad, but twice normal, and the Androcur was the immediate suspect.  For that reason I have been told to take only half a tablet ever day, and to  get another blood test in two months.  The doctor seems to think it might be the Spironolactone that was causing the issue but reduced the dosage of the Androcur to be on the safe side. Needless to say, I’m not a happy girl at all at the moment.

First day back after Michelle became known…

Today was the first day back at work following the AusCERT conference, and I spent nearly all the day telling my colleagues of my decision.  This was not the original plan, but was necessary because at the end of the management conference call when everyone was told about me and my preferences in life, one of the managers collected the group of staff that had been whispering together and told them all.  Of course this meant it was only a small matter of time before all in the company would know and I wanted to ensure that I told them of my decision, reasons and background, without them hearing it on the grapevine as “Chinese whispers“.

Unpacking and time to sort the old clothes…

Today was the day to unpack the suitcase from last week and start the washing.  Ally took the p*ss when she saw my pink top, “it’s pink” she said numerous times, followed by, “it’s horrible”.  Not that she’s seen me wearing it, nor has she seen any of the photos, and I like it.

Later this afternoon we went through her box of old clothes, which was quite revealing.  She used to be a Size 10 when we first started seeing each other, now she is a Size 12-14 (mostly 12) after peaking at a Size 18.  For all Ally’s dislike of Michelle (well the thought of Michelle), she did give me some of her clothes that she didn’t want anymore as they no longer fit (I’m a Size 14-16).

The afternoon was spent together talking and sorting the clothes as well as ensuring all the clothes from the suitcase were washed, dried, folded and put away.

Home again

Today I got back home, and it I saw Ally for the first time in two weeks, my God she’s lost a lot of weight!

This evening things didn’t go too well, Ally indicated how she was irritated to hear about Michelle’s exploits during the last week.  I tried to explain that when she asked what was going on, then she would hear about Michelle as I was enjoying myself as Michelle.

Fun in Sydney

Today was a long day, most of it spent wandering the streets of Sydney looking for “new toys”.

This evening though was set to be more fun, a couple of friends invited Michelle out for a meal, yes that’s right, invited Michelle. Well who am I to get in the way, of course I would go.

The evening went quite well, and we started by getting something to eat in the Green Chillies Thai Restaurant very nice meal, and if you want to surprise the staff, order your meal in Thai, especially if you have a thick Anglo-Australian accent.

Later we went to a small pub down Oxford Street, which was known as a gay bar, and we played pool in the back. It was really nice, as most left us alone, and those who didn’t paid compliments. Isn’t it strange how in a “normal persons'” bar “normal people” are not friendly, they are often obnoxious and rude, and yet in a gay bar (I do hate that term, but I don’t know of a replacement, “alternative lifestyle bar” just doesn’t cut it), everyone is friendly, no matter how “normal” or not you are or appear to be.

The interesting issue of the evening was the use of the Ladies rest room, two young girls, obviously physically older than their real ages, commented in loud voices, “nice to see so many *FEMALES* around here”, multiple times. I ignored them as they were obviously oblivious to the type of bar they were in, and the fact that many of the gay couples of both genders frequented that particular restroom throughout the night.

The interesting thought it left me with, is that even though I am officially a pre-op transgendered person, and therefore legally entitled to use the Ladies restrooms, externally people cannot tell the difference between a cross-dresser/transvestite and a pre or post op transgendered person when they still have some male definition in either face, hands or other parts of the body.