4 stars and not one in sight…

Victoria Hotel
Victoria Hotel

Well some of you know I was flying to Malta, finding a place to live then flying back to Australia to move the house several weeks later. Unfortunately because of yet another break in attempt co-incidentally only a short while after catching my ex Melissa barefaced lying to me I was forced to alter the plans, and pack up everything before I left….

Well here I am in Malta, all my stuff is in transit, and I’m to live in the Hotel Victoria whilst I locate somewhere more permanent to buy and live… This is a 4 star boutique hotel, and has a rather impressive first floor… What is not so impressive is my experience on the first night…

Here’s a list of what’s wrong so far (and I’ve only been here 10 hours)…

  • As of 7pm no hot water to shower, bath or wash one’s face with.
  • Air-conditioning is either “High and Icy” or “Off”
  • TV has 2 English channels that keep going “silent” until TV is power cycled.
  • No drinking water in the room – water from tap is salty, reception suggested I order water from the bar.
  • As of 10pm Toilet/Bathroom smells like a sewer (literally)..!
  • Pillows on the bed are a couple of old flat foam rubber piece pillows (the sort you can get for a dollar at Kmart).
  • I’ve been called “Sir” several times by hotel reception (though all other staff have been really nice and called me “Maam”.)
  • They’ve take an “Auth” of my credit card for some E1000, now making it completely useless as that takes it over it’s limit (the room was supposed to be pre-paid).

On the brighter side, “Alfred” from the bar was very nice, funny and looked after me personally, and the trainee on reception has been quite responsive, though not apologetic.