While the wannabe bride is away, the adults will play…

What fun, out and about with my camera as I always was doing before Jan 2010, and this weekend able to move freely in Paceville without the the worry.

Lead Singer Beheaded getting right into it!

Nomad Son live at V-Gen


I can see me being here in Malta for a long time yet. Last nights event, two local Metal bands, Nomad Son and Beheaded playing a V-Gen.

More photos from the night on my Facebook and of course on my Club Shots site http://www.clubshots.biz/.

Working for the government, past or present..

Just a short article as something came up in conversation earlier…

Many people don’t know, but in most countries when you work for the government/civil service you job can often entail more than you sign up for. In my experience working for Commonwealth countries, if you have a position that requires security clearance, gaining that clearance may mean you have to sign up for more than you really want. For example, as a customs officer, you’d expect would have to report any knowledge of drugs supply or usage, and cannot partake themselves. What most don’t know is that if you work for customs, but not as an agent/officer, you are covered by the same rules. What’s more even if you leave the employment of the service, you are still required by law, governance and contract to continue in your role of reporting incidences for the full duration of the clearance you obtained as part of the position (usually 5 years). This means that if you gained customs clearance in 2008, contracted to customs for 9 months then left the service, you would still be required to report any such drug use/dealing until 2013 (assuming the usual 5 year period for clearance.)

Now what’s even more convoluted, some countries like Australia and the UK require you to report any issues of a national nature regardless of whether it is dealt with by the department you work for or not. Another example, is if you are an Australian Customs officer, agent, employee or contractor if you were made aware of a scam marriage you’d be expected to report the incident in full to the Department of Immigration and Municipal Affairs (DIMA) just as you would be expected to report knowledge of Tax (GST (VAT for Europeans, Sales Tax for the Americans) or Income tax) Evasion to the Australian Tax Office (ATO.)

One has to wonder why would anyone want to take a position with such responsibility.. Well it’s probably to do with the job security, once in and cleared, unless you commit a crime yourself, you’ve pretty much got a job for life, and the jobs are not low paid generally.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words… What more can I say apart from I think Webster is going to be happy here…

Webster under the BBQ in the garden..
Webster making me type left-handed only!

A Marriage of convenience… “GARN GET F……!”

Katie Crothers - PN: N1939288 and 'Willy' from Frankfurt, Germany'

Below is a forensically recovered log of the conversation between Katie Crothers and Sam Cocoran showing she’s trying to get a VISA by marrying a German person known as ‘Willy’.

Black = Katie Crothers (Australian National living in Naxxar, Malta. Passport Number: N1939288, ABN: 83 135 862 356, Maltese resident: 9187/2010)

Blue = Sam Cocoran (New Zealand National living in Malta)

maybe next time willy comes over
you should joke about marriage so i can stay in europe
im too scared to ask him
he might run for the hills


itd have to be a ceremony over there though
in zgermany
as neither of us are citizens here

you need a health certificate to get married there

but you could jokingly bring it up
like the smooth d00d you are ;)?

ya dirty tranny


Are you on the rag?


I shall

do you think willy would agree to a marriage of convenience
yeah fuck you

i would

if i was in ZGERMANY


he seems pretty keen on me :3
lol my parents woud kill me


I dont know what he would do
you are meant to say
katie you are so awesome

how could he say no

well u just sbtly say
well if you guys got married, your visa problems would be over
and ill go oh no sam, stop!
im a good actress 😛

you dont have visa problems

i do if i want to move to german foo’
or if i lose mah job here
as a friend just do it for me 🙂

Persons representing BAMF or DIMA may contact me Michelle Sullivan to organize access to the forensically collected data detailing the above conversation. The format is suitable for prosecution under relevant federal laws of Australia and Germany.

If he is silly enough to fall for it, one hopes that he doesn’t suffer what I had to endure… the verbal abuse of someone who reckons the love you… and the physical abuse.. as I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.