Thoughts, intrigue and agenda….

Well, the “Open Letter to Melissa Stone” was received loud and clear, she messaged me this evening, and after I messaged her back she phoned me. I wasn’t sure whether to answer it, I did out of morbid curiosity… 90 minutes later when she ran out of credit I began thinking about some of the things said, and what possible agendas are behind it.

  • She wants to meet for coffee…
  • She’s on the dole (unemployment benefit) yet can afford a place in West End – with a DSL internet connection (iiNet, not the cheapest that’s for certain)
  • She’s working as of the 9th Sept 2009, and has recently re-obtained her First Aid Cert.. Guess that means she’s going to be a Natropath again.
  • She suggested when I was all settled in Malta she could come over and stay for a while.
  • She said it would have been hard for Andrew Canaris to dump her as she never dated him… [He says he dumped her.]
  • She learnt what he (Andrew Canaris) was about within a few weeks and has nothing to do with him.
  • He (Andrew Canaris) is working tonight (Wednesday 26th August 2009) …

All are interesting as they create more questions, the last two, particularly, are very interesting; She knows he’s working tonight, but has nothing to do with him anymore…!? He doesn’t work Wednesday night normally, but this one he is and she knows… Something doesn’t add up, simple and valid answer? Maybe… Do I care? No.

Question that does need answering… Why suddenly friendly? …because I am? A friend and also another of her ex’s (someone that was witnessed being hit by Melissa before Melissa became Melissa – that fact came as a shock, but not a surprise) has suggested it might be a power trip.

Then there was the comment about taking a break in Malta, I don’t think so! One could be persuaded to think she’s wanting to rekindle something, is that her agenda? Friendship, love or is this just to absolve her guilt? Perhaps it is a power trip… Don’t know, don’t care. I’ll be civil and that’s all I can promise. I’ll send her the birthday present I bought for her, and that will be the one of the last times she hears from me.

Harsh..? maybe..

Having coffee? probably not (at least not when she reads this.)

As I said previously:

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship – never.

She could have had the world, I would have given her the world… now she has lost all of what she could have had over… well… what?…

  • Tim Harrington? She says that that’s all off as well..
  • Andrew/Alisha/Amelia Canaris? She knows about his new alias (something else that happened relatively recently.) Perhaps just fishing for details about his impending arrest..? Perhaps he was arrested and she hasn’t been told why yet…? Don’t know, but the reason for his (impending?) arrest is public knowledge. The information [ confession.pdf and his own confession that he is SyncOrion, and not forgetting he’s into Credit Card Fraud] has been submitted to the police and they have done their own investigations, I’m just waiting to see what happens when he gets arrested this time…. especially as those whom he opened his mouth about previously knows it was him and where he is. My work is done on that front… nobody likes a nonce [Rule 43 for those who don’t know Prison Slang].
  • She said at the time she needed her independence, and that not having a job was an issue, was that the reason for the split? (I don’t think so that’s just an excuse.)
  • * She alluded to something else… That has me intrigued… What could she possibly find so bad that she throws away everything for, that she can’t even mention beyond “another reason”…?

At the end of the day, she’s lied so many times, it’s difficult to tell what is the truth now. Marking this as “Thoughtful” for obvious reasons.