HBSC Swieqi the target of tunnellers a second time!

Following a number of complaints about a new generator that appeared and has been running non stop for 3 day Swieqi local council ordered an investigation into its purpose and uncovered a government plot to get HSBC Malta to pay for their electricity bills.

Unidentified Plant that "Appeared"
Unidentified Plant that “Appeared”

Council investigators were called to investigate why a new piece of machinery had been surreptitiously installed on a piece of undeveloped ground near the new Swieqi Police station and left running spewing thick diesel smoke into the local area.  Investigators found the plant was powering tunnelling machinery building the new Malta-Sicily Electricity inter-connector.  This publication though can now reveal that the weekend work has been to secretly re-deploy the tunnelling machines on a ‘side project’ and tunnel to into the vault of the HSBC Bank on the St Andrews Road, Swieqi in a daring attempt a government bank robbery with the striking similarity to the recent amateur attempt exposed just last year in 2013.

It is believed this government scheme has been actioned to pay off the mounting energy bills of the ruling parties.  Whether this is a PL, PN or both scheme this publication is unsure as a recent article on the Malta Independent indicate that the PL (Party Labour) owe around 600,000 Euros whilst the PN (Party National) owe in excess of 1,900,000 Euros for their energy consumption.  One also has to consider that the tunnelling project was started under a PN government and during the recent elections the PL gained power and took over the project.  Of course we also know that

Police Uncover Tunnel Entrance.
Police Uncover Tunnel Entrance.

Enemalta, WSC and ARMS has debts in excess of 30,000,000 Euros so this also could be a raid to pay off it’s debts before the up and coming contract signing with the Chinese corporations buying into the energy supply company of Malta… only time will tell.  As of 14:30 today there has been no sign of police investigations despite country wide concern over the alleged robbery attempt, and with the recent change in Police Commissioners it seems more questions are raised than answered.

Our investigators are currently attempting to secure evidence to the organisers, but with Sicily just a small boat ride away our staff have been told to be careful about any questions they ask in the event that this is mob related and personal safety becomes an issue.