Have you been the victim of Discrimination?

So how many people out there have suffered from discrimination? I’d take at guess at most of the population in one way or another… Personally, as a TransSexual, I have been the target of discrimination, ridicule and damn right rudeness for some time so I get more and more immune to it.

Today however, I write about a form of discrimination that all of us can be caught by. I’m off to a Rammstein concert on the 4th February 2010, at Wembley Arena. Now, I’m not all that much of a fan of Rammstein, don’t get me wrong though… I like the music, but my partner is the big fan and I’m taking her to see them as a treat for a devout follower of a band she has never had the chance to see live (not to mention the fact that I love her 😉 .)

Now the discrimination… Wembley Arena publish a “terms and conditions” list, which amongst other sensible things states (under “General Point 2”):

The Event Promoter may ask the Venue to prohibit the use of all, or certain types of cameras. In general, fixed lenses are acceptable, but please check with the Venue if in any doubt. Video/audio recordings are prohibited. Prohibited items may be confiscated.

Now knowing this, and and seeing on the Wembley Stadium site that they have a prohibited items list which includes:

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  1. Hi there, I found this blog entry on the gig listing on last.fm.

    I’m very confused about the camera policy as I wanted to take my Fujifilm S2000HD with me. There’s a possibility it could be confiscated due to the lens, even though it’s not detachable also because it can record video in semi hi-definition.

    I sent Customer Services an email last night to try and get them to clear up whether there would be a problem and I just got what seemed to be a stock answer:

    “Only standard small camera policy (nothing over 35mm) No video or audio recording equipment allowed.”

    … even after this answer, I’m still confused! The thing is I really don’t want to take my camera all the way to London just for it to be left at reception and there be a slight chance that I never see it again.

    I may fall back on my little Casio Camera with 3x optical zoom, but I don’t think it’s going to do the job well considering how far back from the stage I’m going to be. :\

    I really wish they’d clear up their policy on this.

    Sorry if I was babbling on! 🙂

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