The results of the attack…

This was done by my partner of the time (Katie Crothers – now ex-partner), and I was forced to remove it, however now I cannot be forced to remove it again so here it is again:

Why have I marked it public again it you might ask? Well simply when I get messages from my friends saying, “Hey your ex Katie just added/messaged me and she told me you beat her up, told her this about me” (and other things) well I guess it’s about time the truth was known.

As she refuses to leave me and my friends alone, the photos of the attacker are here:

9 Replies to “The results of the attack…”

  1. Leave me alone. Stop entering my life. Stop blogging about me. You beat me up when you were drunk. Everyone on the island knows, and four people took photos and have PROOF!

    1. Then post your so-called proof. Better yet, give them to the police and have me charged. I didn’t beat you up, just the same as I’m not a monster. Get off the cannabis and get some psychiatric help before you screw someone else’s life up.

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