The dreaded call…

Today was the day I made the dreaded call, to tell Mum.  Earlier my sister phoned to say mum was there, and would I talk to her (we had arranged this a few days ago), so I talked to mum about general things for a few minutes, then dropped the bombshell.

Both my sister and I were worried that mum might get upset and just pass the phone away and not speak to me, but she did not.  She spoke to me, and in so ways she understood, in others she didn’t.  Not surprisingly she, like others, commented that out of all the people, I was probably last on her list.  We talked for a while and I reminded her of how dad was, and that there was no way I would have given any clues about myself whilst he was still alive.  She agreed by saying, “Your Dad was very black and white, he would not have understood”.

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