The day after…

You know what they say, you reap what you sow.  Well I sewed the seeds of a good hangover and I got one.  11am I was packing the final bits into the my bag, and by 11:30am I was on the road heading back.  I had had a shower and put on the skirt from the night before and the red top that I don’t wear often and need to wear more.

I made it to Campbelltown, without incident and stopped for fuel and something to eat.  I noticed entering the shopping centre, that I was getting a few sideways looks from people (particularly of fathers of young children, but only those with their wives).  It was probably the 4″ heels I was walking around in, but then again it could be that I had not shaved that morning so without makeup what facial hair I have left could be seen.  I don’t care, it was fun, and I have no problem with being Michelle publicly, so I don’t really care about what others think (even though I do care that I never want to be seen as a man in womans clothes).

A coffee and 2 slices of raisin toast and I was feeling 10 times better so rather than waste time shopping I headed back to the car.  I got fuel and got back on the road, for a very uneventful trip.

I changed back to ‘Matthew’ mode just before entering Canberra, and got home for 3:30pm, just in time for the neighborly get together.

The get together was pretty uneventful, except when one of the neighbors declared me to be a ‘rock chic’ and of course that went down like a lead balloon with Ally.

Afterwards Ally and I discussed the weekend and my changes, she’s still having a very hard time of it even when it seems she’s more accepting because of things like the dress etc.  We talked and decided that I was not to use the term ‘accepting’ because she’s adamant that she’s not accepting, but to use ‘tolerating’ and ‘supporting’ instead.  We also decided that I would tell the neighbors about my transition because that would likely help stop the inadvertent comments that upset Ally.

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