# In the Navy! # (Well the army).

Today I got a surprise, one of the people that I thought would not take the news of my transformation well, approached me and said it was such a shame that I had made the blog private. Why did I think he wouldn’t take the news well? Well he was in the Australian Army (not the Navy :-)) and held rank (though I don’t know what), and I know he still has a lot to do with the army and I think he’s still a reservist. I don’t know what it is, but I thought he would be the straight man and not deal with it. Interestingly, he commented on that’s what most people would think, but referred me to a story about an army colleague that had a full sex change whilst in the army and was able to continue on active duty.

Any way, back to the story, I was astonished, and asked, “you read the blog?”

He replied, “yes, it’s quite funny, I never knew you had a sense of humor like that.”

Seems he was one of the avid readers who was disappointed when the blog was made registered users only. It seems he thought that he didn’t fit into “friends and family”. I said, “don’t be stupid, you’re a friend aren’t you? Just register and I’ll add you, the registration is so that Joe Random on the Internet can’t see what’s going on in our (mostly) private lives.”