Is this a joke or what….?

Well unfortunately that was the reaction of my good friend Jim from work, he did later apologise for the remark. He didn’t offend, and realized the mistake either by my face, or by the realization. It was quite amusing in some ways, and disappointing in others. Guess I really should explain that comment, but I can’t, so I won’t try.

He did admit later, “I’d have never guessed”, and of course I wouldn’t have expected him to.

The day today was very busy, the little time I got to chat was short and productive, I look forward to talking to him later, specifically as he commented a level of experience in such matters. The friend to friend comments and small chat were interesting, he made the same comment I have done previously…. “The majority of problems seem to relate to the use of toilets.” What a way to start a comment, eh? The trick is I know what he means, and I suppose that I should really explain how I feel about it all.

I will dress as I deem appropriate, and within dress code for work. Whilst I continue to be dressed male I will use the male toilets. At the point in time that I turn up for work in a skirt, whether it be subtle or part of a suite, I will use the womens toilets. I don’t expect it any other way, and I would be offended if others suggested that I should use one or the other or neither. People I think fear the unknown, and to them I am the unknown. Prejudice arises from fears, and that leads to another world of pain for all involved.

Please remember people, we are all human, just because someone wants to be a member of the opposite sex it does not mean they are any different to you. You might want a tattoo, or a belly piercing, others will not. It does not mean there is anything wrong with you or those other people, and on the same thought there is nothing wrong with me. Consider, if you will, a tattoo is for life and it is nothing that should be done on a whim. You should choose a tattoo that you like and that you want because you have to live with it for life. I have made the choice of a lifestyle as a member of the opposite sex, and believe me when I say, it is not something I have done lightly. I implore you to not even begin to think you know what I have had to put myself through unless you too have thought about changing sex, you really don’t and cannot understand.

Jim, I know you’ll read this, your face was a picture, and you didn’t offend me with the first comment, don’t worry. I guess I should have been a little more direct at first rather than pointing you to this site, but hey, it worked for Shawn.

The doctor…

Well today was the day to see the doctor, and boy was I nervous.  Waiting in that room to see him was worse than plucking up the courage to tell my own wife, how sad is that?

Anyway, the results of the consultation was a minor change in medications, the script is for Androcur-100 which replaces the Spirotone 100.  The doctor said that this medication is slightly safer than the Spriotone, but more importantly it has a longer half life, which means less of a dosage, and no necessity to take multiple times a day.  It also means if I forget a dosage I won’t be going off my rocker within a few hours.

The surprising part of the whole thing though was he didn’t require counseling, which was probably my biggest worry.  I don’t like seeing psychiatrists, and really did not want to be forced into seeing one.  I was expecting a requirement for treatment to have to have counseling, and to be honest I know I’m going to have to have some in the long run, but I really didn’t want to have it forced down my throat.

So really, it’s “YAY!” I’m official now, sorta scary though, means anyone can find out, rather than me telling them (not that I am concerned with people knowing, just I like to have the choice of whether others know).

Of course I have to update the medications page now.. 😉

Back to work after a long weekend, with or without a Muffin top?

Well today I went back to work after only one day off, it doesn’t feel like there has been a weekend at all. Ah well, it’s my job after all. On the real subject though, I pointed our receptionist Shawn at this site, which turned out to be a real eye opener for her. The good part is she took it all in her stride which I’m very happy about as we often joke and laugh together both being foreigners and all that.

Hilarity ensued and I couldn’t wait to let her in on the info her when over lunch we spoke of muffin top’s. I had said about my weight loss, and a good friend (who is not in the know yet) said I should watch it, or I could have a muffin top.

This I found extremely funny as I thought to myself, “if only you knew the truth”.

When I spoke to Shawn later and she started thinking about the same comment we both burst into laughter again.

On a more serious note, I made the appointment with the doctor. I’m really not looking forward to it as they do like to lay it on thick about self prescribing anything, and I have heard of cases where the doctor refuses to deal with it. I hope that is not the case here, and I do hope that he moves fairly quickly to help me “get it right”.

The weekend has arrived, finally…

Well it’s the weekend and it doesn’t really feel like it.  Too many late evenings this week, and today I started work at 07:30 and finished 20:30, it has been a long day.

Nothing that I can talk about happened today because there has been no time, just took my medications, and went to work. What a uninspiring life I lead some times.