Its Life Jim, but not as we know it…

So it has been a long time since I updated about me, recently it has all been about the stalker my in life, who is trying to get me to commit suicide, and she nearly succeeded in getting to me, but now I know how far she is going to go I can deal with it, now she has been dealt with (and more to come, just got to wait for others to enact the punishment).. so now something about me and my life.

I was chatting with Nat earlier and I realised I hadn’t updated anything about being transgender in a long while… it occurred to me that for a long time I was trying to deny who I was, who I am… I am Matthew and I am Michelle, not one or the other, but both. Alison married Matthew and ended up with Michelle, she couldn’t handle that and I never understood why at the time. I tried to point out that I was the same person that she married, but she insisted that I was Matthew and am now not.

Over the last 18 months to 2 years I have stopped being just Michelle, and stopped trying to kill off Matthew and I have come to realise I am both.. I am Matthew and I am Michelle. Michelle is the real me and I am no longer trying to be Matthew, but Matthew is part of Michelle, always was and always will be…

Society today, and in years past have taught us that we are either male or female… no middle ground.. and that is partly because society doesn’t understand who ‘we’ (the TG community) are. The church for many years rejected us, just like gay people (male and female) but the church has only been this way for the last 200 years. If we look at the bible for example, there are many examples of gay people, there are many examples of transgender people (inferred and direct reference) these people were not persecuted, these people were part of life. If we look back further to roman times it is well known that Centurians married other Centurians.. it wasn’t a crime, it was part of life…

Now what is a crime according to the bible is ‘buggery’… Buggery being the act of having Anal sex with your wife, this is where the confusion and bigotry seems to stem from. The thought process seems to go that gay people (male) participate in anal sex, therefore because buggery is a crime it makes them criminals. However, buggery is the practice of anal sex with you wife… in a Gay relationship there is no wife, only 2 people who love each other (male-male, or female-female.)

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  1. It is good to hear that you are being to to your self and not to the pressure of what society or others want of you as Shakespeare said ” to thine own self be true ” something to live by.
    So keep being to to yourself because there not many out there who can.

    Craig 😉

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