2009 in summary…

Goodbye 2009! So was it good or bad for you? Here’s a summary of what it brought for me…

  • I moved back to Brisbane.
  • I was dump by Melissa when the extra money ran out meaning she would have to work rather than sitting on her fat arse which was getting fatter for w**king all day and not working…
  • I found out the hard way that men are men and hormone replacement therapy for men who say they are women doesn’t make them anything but gay men with tits.
  • I found that pre-op transgender people are the most mentally unstable people I have ever met, and as a consequence I would never consider dating another one again. (I’d also recommend to the tranny chasers out there to stay well clear even if they look stable because they might be upping their dosages with or without their doctors knowledge and that is a time bomb waiting to happen.)
  • I started committing suicide (started because I chose a method that takes some time, however I was given a reason to stop before I went all the way, which is why I’m here now.)
  • I got fired for the first time in 20 years (is not completing your probationary period being fired? Some think it is, some think not.)
  • I became a ‘Psycho He-She Ex’.. which is funny because I seem to be the third [at least] “Psycho Ex” of Melissa… First was Melissa’s wife, Charmaine. Second was the indian girl that I forget her name, and now me… That’s not to forget all the psycho’s that Melissa dated [had coffee with].. One has to wonder whether Melissa attracts psycho’s or whether the ex’s are not actually psycho’s and there is something wrong with her, one refers to the previous point about mental stability of transsexual people…
  • I started playing music again, keyboard and sax. I also bought a base guitar and drum kit both of which I am learning.
  • I met a beautiful young girl called Katie, whom I love dearly.
  • I lost a couple of special friends to Melissa and was accused of splitting the trans-community in two. Another amusing comment as it was Melissa herself that persuaded me to stop taking part in TrannyRadio etc by saying they were all nothing but crossdressers with no understanding of real transsexuals.
  • I gained 100’s of friends.. that’s people who message me and say “how are you doing? We’re all missing you!” – you know real friends, not those that hang about because you might be able to do something for them.
  • I sold my hobby called “SORBS” for a lot of money (not what was reported, that was fiction from Jed Smith based on pure conjecture, but enough to pay my mortgage and credit card in full after all taxes paid.)
  • I moved to Malta and made 100’s more friends.
  • I started a new hobby-come-business in photography.
  • I got my UK passport with “Female” on it.
  • I had Christmas with my mum and son for the first time in 10 years.
  • I returned to Brisbane to say goodbye, and promptly had a plane quarantined…! What a way to go eh?

So there you have it 2009 in a nutshell! Roll on 2010!

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