Sex In The City

You know there is nothing like a girls afternoon having coffee or wine and a natter.

This afternoon I met up with my friends Paige and Anna and we spent some time on Park Rd in Milton at one of the cafe bars. The idea was to have a coffee and a cake to say goodbye, however just like Sex in the City, it turned into an afternoon of wine, chat, and fun. Anna who had never met Paige before knew nothing of her, but I suspected that Anna and Paige would get on like a house on fire, and for a change I was right.

Paige was her usual beautiful self and Anna was sprightly and full of mischief. Both agreed that we should do it again and soon.. I’m hoping as I’m not going to be around that Paige and Anna keep in touch and have more similar afternoons, as both are lovely people and neither have “had it easy” in life.

Why the “Sex in the City” reference.. well spotting hot waiters and other patrons of the restaurant seemed to be a large part of the agenda for Anna and Paige. This caused many gifts of hilarity when it became apparent that we had had enough wine that non of us could be quiet enough not to be heard. 😉

So who was who you might ask? Well it was generally agreed that Paige was Miranda, Anna had many Carrie qualities so that left me being who? .. Well the closest was Samantha, because I’m old and I am open to talking about sex and other stuff in a very open and blunt way. Of course I’m not sex mad so can I really be Samantha…? Who cares I say, it was lots of fun and I would so love to do it again.

My little message to Paige and Anna: Guys I am really going to miss you, but now you know each other, please do have more afternoons together, and I’ll see you both in just under a year hopefully.

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