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  1. One of the differences in prices may well be regulatory requirements and taxation differences. The US does NOT currently have a VAT tax. In most locales there is a sales tax added at the point of sale. My understanding is most European countries have a VAT tax that is added to the sale price. There are many other tax and regulatory differences so the ‘price’ difference may not be entirely due to HP.

    1. VAT is 18% in most of Europe – parts of the USA has ‘sales tax’ (which is VAT US style).. In neither case does that amount to a doubling of the price.m My point though it why all the printer cartridges with the same ink…? Surely one cartridge is enough for each colour of most printers (or a couple of type/sizes if differing amounts are needed.)

      HP are supposed to be green, Manufacturing lots of cartridges (one for each printer and then further regionalisation is not green, its for profit.)

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I am in exactly the same boat. I bought my PSC 1610 printer in the UK, and moved to Australia.

    In the UK, I needed cartridge # 338. Here in Australia, its cartridge # 94.

    I looked it up on the website, and bought it through a big store in a shopping centre here, so there shouldnt be any issues about cheap and nasty reselling from China, etc.

    Lo and behold, the damned thing doesnt work.

    I’ve been told that there is a localisation reset available, but was told that I need to have both the black and white AND colour cartidges from Australia, before I do this.

    Great, I have to fork out for another cartridge, and now pray that the process works.

    Can you confirm please if the process worked? I’d like to know from someone who’s been through it if its worth doing, otherwise I’ll have to buy the same printer again, only now an Australian version.


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