The True Colours of HP Printers…

Well, I’m sure you’ll remember my previous 2 articles (here and here) on HP Printer Cartridges, and their deliberate regionalisation to that anyone who moves country has to throw away a perfectly good printer (even if it’s only a few months old) and how very “Not Green” the whole practice is. Well after my original article where “The Inquirer” picked it up, HP Customer Care contacted me and indicated that the HP363 Cartridges are same as the HP02 Cartridges, just they are localised for use in “Western Europe”.

Yesterday after waiting for 6 weeks for the order, 2 packs of six HP-363 cartridges were made available to me for a not so small sum of

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  1. Hello,

    I recently went through much of the hell you describe. I found a solution to the problem that may work for you as well. I set my printer to what is known as “Manufacturing Mode” and with this, the printer ignores any mismatch in cartridge region. I think the following combination will work for you:

    1. Switch the printer on. Ignore any error messages about incorrect cartridges.
    2. Press the “Fix Red Eye” and “Print Photos” buttons simultaneously. You should see a screen prompting you to “Enter a key combo”
    3. On the keypad, enter the numbers 1,2 and 7
    4. The screen should then change to a “uiaux” menu.
    5. Press the left arrow key until you see something like “boot config” or “boot mode”. When you find this press “OK”
    6. Press the left or right arrow keys until you see “Set mfg mode”. Once you’re on this option, press “OK”
    7. Keep pressing cancel until you go back to the main menu/error screen.
    8. Switch your printer off and back on again.

    This time, your printer should start up in “MFG MODE” and you should be able to continue printing.

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