My employer….

This morning was a work day as usual, and I decided in my infinite wisdom (not) to tell my boss.  I figured I’d better as I was noticing changes relating to the medications (whether that’s the HRT or just the lack of testosterone I don’t know).

I chose my time and spoke to James (my department manager), again, how do you tell someone that has known you for some time?  We are both SCUBA divers in the same diving club (Indepth Scuba), and it is going to be a shock to most as I have given no clue, and I am not effeminate etc…  Well it was surprisingly easy, I sat in his office, and said, “James, you know I talked to you about, some medication that I was on and that it might effect my personality and mood?  Well what I didn’t tell was I’ve always wanted to be a woman and they are to assist with that.”  Oddly enough (well really not surprising), a similar startled look and awkward silence followed.  James broke the silence, saying, “Well I can honestly say, I don’t know what to say about that.  Can you leave it with me as I think I need to call HR (Human Resources) because this will affect you at work.”  I said, “sure fine” and proceeded to tell him that changes wouldn’t be  immediate and I wasn’t about to turn up in a skirt or anything like that.

Later, James came back to me and asked if I minded meeting with Dyanne (Dy) tomorrow as she will be here with the VP of AsiaPac and she wants to talk.  I said sure, just put an appointment in the calendar.

I picked up Ally from work at pretty much the usual time, and told her that I had told James, and she asked why had I said something this early?  I replied saying that I really needed to in case of emergencies etc, and not forgetting that I am cleared to a High Security Clearance and as such I either have to have secrets that no-one knows or I have to be open about what I am, do and feel.  This is one of those things that whilst I hadn’t told a sole, it could be kept secret, but as soon as someone knew I had to tell the various Agencies to reassure them that no-one could blackmail me into divulging secrets (not that I would anyhow, but they have to weigh up the risks and someone with a little secret that they don’t want to get out, is a blackmail risk).

I also told her about Dy from HR coming tomorrow.

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