MySpace and random deletion of blogs…

Seems MySpace have been randomly deleting stuff. I have complained many times about my copyright material being used against my wishes, and they ignored it until I got lawyers involved, and now they just randomly delete my blog posts with no warning or notification or explanation.

My response… Sod them! I’ll go back to using my blog, and people can come here. The blog here is a lot faster, doesn’t need a MySpace account and will not provide any revenue towards MySpace. Well done MySpace!

I have very little doubt that the removal of said posts is either because of Melissa Stone or Andrew (Amelia/Alisha/What Name Ever This Week) Canaris, possibly both. Well they can complain as much as they want to this page, the server, and my uplinks, I wholesale from Intervolve and E3 Networks, have 4 gigabit diverse uplinks, and have it secured behind doors that require biometrics to access. They won’t get this post removed without a court order (which they won’t obtain.)

MySpace staff if you’re reading this, you bunch of prats, you’re loosing revenue because of pandering to a self confessed thief!
For reference the blog they deleted was:

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