The Break-ins to my House – Culpret Identified!

It seems that someone doesn’t want to be found out and is desperately covering their tracks….

Andrew, Amelia, Alisha, what ever your name is this week, you are too late, the police have all the details, you’re nicked, and you’re a Rule 43 (nonce) case.

For those who didn’t know, Andrew was going by the name “Amelia” when I met him, and he seemed quite a troubled person. I felt sorry for him, and after my (now EX) transgender girlfriend Melissa told me of his problems with family etc, I offered my hand in friendship and help. The way he repaid me was he started dating Melissa behind my back resulting in a very bad split that nearly cost me my life.

I still love Melissa, most people know that, but I’d never have her back. I, and many others, don’t believe for one minute that she loved me.. I was a means to an end, and she got what she wanted. Many people told me that’s what they could see (her friends that knew me before we started dating), I didn’t believe them because I was blinded by love.

So after the split, Melissa did things and said things to cause me mental anguish including breaking into the house. I posted some home truths about her, and as such she escalated. Next thing I knew the house was broken into again and around $45k worth of stuff was taken. Police were called and the insurance company decided to call in their own investigator as the items taken were not the usual home invasion type. Getting questioned for 4 hours by an ex-cop over suspected insurance fraud is not fun. The whole thing pushing me seriously close to suicide (I went 3 weeks without eating anything surviving on water only.)

I lost my job to it, because I was sleeping an average of 1 hour a night, I was having to leave work with no notice because of getting phone calls from private numbers which hung up immediately, leaving me to suspect I was about to be broken into again.

The police couldn’t do anything as they had no power to do anything until there was a crime committed, or evidence to indicate a previous crime had a particular person as the perpatrator…

Anyhow, I got very drunk one night and spent some 10 minutes using Google to research Andrew Canaris as I suspected he and Melissa were behind it. To my surprise, I found the this post which told me that Andrew Canaris was definitely behind at least one break in (Melissa Stone had already confessed to me to have broken into the house first. She also indicated what she had taken when she broke in which amounted to mostly her stuff.) You’ll note that the post was by “SyncOrion”.. I had already indicated elsewhere that this was Andrew Canaris as the idiot used his “Hacker ID” as his MySpace ID (amongst other places.) Unfortunately using the same ID for MySpace was not enough for the police to progress which was disappointing considering how much he used it…. however, out of the blue, he sent this message to me: clearly confessing to be the “SyncOrion”, needless to say I gave it to the police immediately. I also gave them the information that he’s still at his credit card fraud game which can be seen here this time he’s using ‘Darkfoxes’ another “Hacker ID” which is actually his “World of Warcraft” identity.

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