I’m Out! (Part 2)

Today is the day after so to speak. Both Ally and I have headaches, mine no doubt because of the copious amount of alcohol consumed for the dutch courage. Ally’s, well, probably the lack of water, but could also be the disturbed night sleep as we laid together talking until 3am

Comments she has made that are concerning and/or upsetting:

  • I have never felt attracted to girls an any way.
  • You should have come to be before starting the drug, that you didn’t makes me feel betrayed.
  • I don’t know how I feel, I haven’t thought about it a lot.

The simple fact that she didn’t go skyward, and hasn’t shouted and screamed is heartening in many ways, it’s also concerning

This morning we went to Con’s place (Cafe Charisma) for breakfast as usual, and we talked more on the way. I assured her that with the exception of what the drugs will change in my body, I will endevour never to let her see me as a woman if she doesn’t want to. That might be a big call for me, but my love for her still overwhelms any desires. Sheer fact of reality is if she asked me not to go with the HRT, I’d probably forgo it regardless of how good it makes me feel

The day, otherwise, was pretty uneventful.

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