What *not* to wear…

There is a good television program that Ally and I love, called, “what not to wear”, hosted by ‘Trinny’ and ‘Susanna’. If you’ve seen it you’ll know Trinny and Susanna have been on a bit of a crusade to ensure the women of Britain get the correct fitting bras. Of course I’m neither in Britain nor a woman, yet, and so I have to deal with my boobies myself. That said, I have had a little help, and I have a couple of bras; one I use in particular for the gym as it’s slightly too small, but very elasticated and holds everything where it should.

I have some lessons I needed to learn, and the hard way seems to be my lot in life, rather than having Trinny or Susanna to help. Here’s what not to do when going to the gym. Don’t wear a tight t-shirt, it tends to body hug, and your boobies tend to become noticeable. Don’t where a black bra under a white t-shirt (Doh!), especially a t-shirt that is not very thick, as a little bit of sweat will cause it to go transparent (Double Doh!). Worse still don’t do both!

Yes, guilty as charged, black bra under a tight(ish) thin(ish) wet and very transparent white t-shirt…. Little wonder people were staring, and nudging each other. 🙁