Dresses, dresses and more dresses, what to wear?

Tonight Ally, my beautiful wife, helped me get ready for the weekends fun.

I had no dress to wear, so it was a purchase or purloin decision, and Ally came to the rescue.  After loosing 24kg, most of her dresses no longer fit, so rather than sending them to the charity shops she gave me a couple for this weekend.

The first was a knee high red dress with a high split (I love this one), but unfortunately it didn’t really fit all that well (still need to loose a little more weight myself).

The second I had asked her for, it was a very short dark blue “crushed velvet” look dress, which would be perfect with my 4″ soft leather knee high boots.  I was told in no uncertain terms though that the dress was not suitable for a ball.

The third dress was a very ‘slinky’ feel black and white patterned one.  The dress was described by a friend as a “spring picnic” dress, so I chose not to wear it.

The forth and final dress was the only floor length dress, bright red, with shoe lace straps.  I tried each one on, and found that they all fitted, though some better than others.  I decided that I would take them all and decide what to wear on the night.