Canberra Transgender Network and Tranny Radio

Today whilst browsing some of the links I had visited before I noticed a link to the ‘NewCTN‘ Yahoo! Group, the initials turned out to be something called the ‘Canberra Transgender Network‘ so I went to investigate. I signed up for the group and got almost instant access, and went browsing for information. I read some of the mail archives and added my bit to some of the more recent posts, particularly as some I cold answer from direct experience.

When I had finished I browsed their links page, and came across another interesting link called ‘Tranny Radio‘ which was a site dedicated to Cross Dressers, Transvestites, Drag Queens and Transgendered people, and they are based out of Sydney. I threw caution to the wind and signed up there as well, my membership was approved in a short time and I was able to setup a profile of myself. ‘Tranny Radio‘ also has online Chat facilities that seem popular so I got stuck in there. Almost immediately I was asked if I was going to the ‘Ball’, and of course not knowing anything about it, said exactly that. Many were quick to point me to the website and the ticket page saying there were still tickets available, I dismissed the idea as I knew I was going diving the following weekend and guessed there was no way that Ally would entertain the idea (not to mention a girl has to have something to wear!).

All in all, if there are any Trans* people in the ACT that are not part of NewCTN, I wholly recommend joining, the are a nice bunch of people and the group is fairly low volume.