A day of diving…

Today was pretty uneventful.  I got up, dressed in a set of trackies and a T-shirt and got ready for the dive.

The pictures of the dive are on Matthew’s Photo Page but my favorite is of a rather playful seal.

The afternoon brought another session of hair straightening (I can tell why people don’t make a regular habit of it).

The evening we all decided to go out to the Bay, and settled on the Starfish Deli. The service was a lot better than previous, in that the staff were friendly and helpful.  The food was excellent, when it eventually arrived.  Unfortunately someone forgot our order and we sat very hungry and slightly cold for over an hour.  On the plus side though when the mistake was realised the staff fell over themselves to correct it, and didn’t charge us for either the food or the wine throughout the evening.

Again the staff pleasantly surprised me by continually referring to Tanya and I as ‘ladies’ or ‘girls’.  New South Wales is a world apart from Queensland it seems.