Hormones get the better of me…

Well it’s documented in lots of places that starting on hormones will cause one to get teary, or upset from time to time, but until now I hadn’t experienced it, and naively thought they wouldn’t affect me like that (particularly as it’s been 3 months already).  Well tonight the hormones really got the better of me.  It was really rather silly, but lots of little things upset me at the same time, and it left me doing everything I could no to cry in the very public, Batemans Bay Bowls club.

The answer was for me to hide in the toilet for half an hour or so until I got control again, then quietly leave and head for some fuel.  Problem was by the time I got to the petrol station (NZ Translation: ‘pitrol station’ USA translation: ‘Gas station’) I was crying fairly uncontrollably, and I continued all the way back to the accommodation.

Curling up in my sleeping back with a large whiskey mac in front of the fire, was the solution, and I was soon asleep.