Discrimination, prejudice, or stupidity?

Well today was work as usual, well not as usual, but it was work. Seems that the project manager who doesn’t want to manage is still not managing. After leaving me a calendar invite with no information about the customer except that I am meeting them at 10am Monday, last thing on Friday afternoon (which was something that I already knew about Friday morning), I rejected the invite with a message saying, “it would be helpful to know where I am meeting the customer, rather than that there is a meeting which I already know”.

The response was to come to me in person, and drag our manager along and ask the status of the job as if I hadn’t completed it. Really rather ridiculous as if I have a problem I tell the project manager (eg if a change request needs prioritizing, or if I don’t have the right hardware). Of course sometimes, where appropriate, I resolve the issues myself by talking to the people concerned directly, these tend to be where there is a technical part of the problem because the project manager rarely understands enough to pass the detail on directly.

Anyhow enough rambling, the pettiness is continuing and really has been there since the whole company got to know about my transformation, so I have to ask the question, “Discrimination, prejudice, coincidence or just stupidity?”