Medication problems

Well this morning was not a good morning, the Androcur must be wearing off within 24 hours now.  The half dose seems not to be enough for my body, because within 24 hours of the previous dose I can feel the effects of the Testosterone again.  I can’t help but think that I would be better off back on the Spironolactone, but the doctor is persisting with the Androcur, so who am I to argue.

Today I nearly hurt someone in a car park over something very silly and trivial.  This is not good and I can only put it down to Testosterone as I am not normally like that.  Ally got very angry with me, and we had a little bit of a barney in our local bank, something else that is not usual for me, it left me feeling like taking a jump off the balcony (three floors up).
This afternoon it was time to go diving, and I left Ally at around midday to head to pick up Tanya and her dive gear.  I had asked Tanya to straighten my hair so that I could get ready for this evenings barbecue before we left so this delayed our leaving Canberra.

Following a suggestion from Ally I decided to move the medication from an evening take to a morning take, and I decided to do this in two stages.  First day would be take the medication at around lunch time, the second day on target at breakfast time.  This would also mean that over the weekend I would have a half dose every 18 hours instead of every 24 hours.

The trip to the coast was uneventful, however Tanya commented that the medication was working she said, “I know your medication is working, you’re not tailgating or speeding.”  What can I say to that?

We arrived in Batemans Bay in a few hours, and went to the “bottle shop” (drive through off-license for the English).  We parked and walked in, a bottle of wine and a litre of milk on the shopping list.  I was pleasantly surprised as the young lady store person came to us and asked, “Can I help you ladies?”  This, after my Royal Pines experience was a pleasant surprise.

Arriving at the Dive Lodge, I was greeted by those I know, and treated exactly as normal, without anyone saying a word.  What a pleasant surprise!