The doctor…

Well today was the day to see the doctor, and boy was I nervous.  Waiting in that room to see him was worse than plucking up the courage to tell my own wife, how sad is that?

Anyway, the results of the consultation was a minor change in medications, the script is for Androcur-100 which replaces the Spirotone 100.  The doctor said that this medication is slightly safer than the Spriotone, but more importantly it has a longer half life, which means less of a dosage, and no necessity to take multiple times a day.  It also means if I forget a dosage I won’t be going off my rocker within a few hours.

The surprising part of the whole thing though was he didn’t require counseling, which was probably my biggest worry.  I don’t like seeing psychiatrists, and really did not want to be forced into seeing one.  I was expecting a requirement for treatment to have to have counseling, and to be honest I know I’m going to have to have some in the long run, but I really didn’t want to have it forced down my throat.

So really, it’s “YAY!” I’m official now, sorta scary though, means anyone can find out, rather than me telling them (not that I am concerned with people knowing, just I like to have the choice of whether others know).

Of course I have to update the medications page now.. 😉