Fun in Sydney

Today was a long day, most of it spent wandering the streets of Sydney looking for “new toys”.

This evening though was set to be more fun, a couple of friends invited Michelle out for a meal, yes that’s right, invited Michelle. Well who am I to get in the way, of course I would go.

The evening went quite well, and we started by getting something to eat in the Green Chillies Thai Restaurant very nice meal, and if you want to surprise the staff, order your meal in Thai, especially if you have a thick Anglo-Australian accent.

Later we went to a small pub down Oxford Street, which was known as a gay bar, and we played pool in the back. It was really nice, as most left us alone, and those who didn’t paid compliments. Isn’t it strange how in a “normal persons'” bar “normal people” are not friendly, they are often obnoxious and rude, and yet in a gay bar (I do hate that term, but I don’t know of a replacement, “alternative lifestyle bar” just doesn’t cut it), everyone is friendly, no matter how “normal” or not you are or appear to be.

The interesting issue of the evening was the use of the Ladies rest room, two young girls, obviously physically older than their real ages, commented in loud voices, “nice to see so many *FEMALES* around here”, multiple times. I ignored them as they were obviously oblivious to the type of bar they were in, and the fact that many of the gay couples of both genders frequented that particular restroom throughout the night.

The interesting thought it left me with, is that even though I am officially a pre-op transgendered person, and therefore legally entitled to use the Ladies restrooms, externally people cannot tell the difference between a cross-dresser/transvestite and a pre or post op transgendered person when they still have some male definition in either face, hands or other parts of the body.