Unpacking and time to sort the old clothes…

Today was the day to unpack the suitcase from last week and start the washing.  Ally took the p*ss when she saw my pink top, “it’s pink” she said numerous times, followed by, “it’s horrible”.  Not that she’s seen me wearing it, nor has she seen any of the photos, and I like it.

Later this afternoon we went through her box of old clothes, which was quite revealing.  She used to be a Size 10 when we first started seeing each other, now she is a Size 12-14 (mostly 12) after peaking at a Size 18.  For all Ally’s dislike of Michelle (well the thought of Michelle), she did give me some of her clothes that she didn’t want anymore as they no longer fit (I’m a Size 14-16).

The afternoon was spent together talking and sorting the clothes as well as ensuring all the clothes from the suitcase were washed, dried, folded and put away.