A good day had by all…

Today was an interesting day, a trip to Brisbane city returned dividends in the way of a SCSI card for one of my machines, this time I was a little more careful and so took the train, which was a lot cheaper as an option.

The afternoon brought a broken nail when installing it, I’m going to have to watch that, was not a good thing, it really made a mess of the nail.

Another friend who is a lovely girl, had a lot of questions. We had a great chat, and I was surprised at how much interest she took. She was certainly surprised, but in no way phased by the prospect of someone she knows changing sex. I won’t go into the details, because as before, there were many questions some which were the same as before some not, and I don’t have the room to put a two and a half hour conversation any way.

Comment of the day has to be Wilber, who said in passing in the corridor, “I agree with Ally, I didn’t like your hair either.” I’d only published yesterdays post a few hours before, so it seems some people are following my exploits with great interest.

Last person to tell for the day was Kayne, what fun that was, he was on the train going home, and as luck would have it went through a “dead spot” a second after I told him I was on the path to becoming a woman. I redialed and gave him the URL of this blog. A while later I received the following email:

Subject: Michelle
From: Kayne
To: Matthew

It's not what I expected you to tell me when you said you'd
be causing a stir, I was expecting it to be a joke and for
you to tell me you're actually the head of the Yambo syndicate
or something spam related.

Had a look over the page, it's all sort of what I'd assumed
I guess but an FAQ would be a lot easier to answer all of
my immediate questions quickly. I do have to say, I have no
problem with you becoming a woman but I'm pretty concerned
about you put black writing over a lilac background image!  :) 

I'm glad Ally is coping with it, it was something I didn't
really want to ask you over the phone in case it'd gone
poorly. Good on you for finally going though with the
transformation, I can only begin to imagine how scary it
must be.

About bringing out Michelle at AusCERT - I'd advise to go
for something low key if you decide to. Miniskirt and
fishnets would be a bit too confronting methinks (not
sure you can carry it off with those legs just yet :)).

Let me know if I can be of any help.

Much amusement was had, he has never seen my legs, and why on earth anyone would expect me to put on a miniskirt and fishnets for a professional conference I’ll never know (well there have been some wild parties, so that could be it 🙂). I should really ask Kayne, what sort of help he wants to give, and whether his fiancee would be happy with the idea of him helping another girl…?

Personally I was thinking something like slacks and a blouse, some flats and a small amount of necessary makeup. I’ll leave the miniskirt and the 5″ heels for one of the wilder after parties.

This evening was lots of fun, went to see an old friend, the owner of the Jaz restaurant and wine bar and of course I choose one of his days off. I’ll be going back tomorrow evening no doubt as I’m sure he’s going to be around, and I’m sure he’s going to get a little surprise.

Played with makeup again tonight, didn’t get very far as really tired, but am a little more prepared for tomorrow evening which will be me (as Michelle) going with a group of girlfriends heading to The Beat. If anyone wants to join us, they are welcome.