A day of surprises for all.

Well today was a day of surprises, for others as well as me. I visited my old stomping ground, The University of Queensland, and told a few former colleagues.

Chris(2), my last boss there, was surprised that it was me saying it, but was very curious and interested in the whole aspect. Wilber, was surprised, but in a quiet sort of way.

The most astounded and speechless has to be poor Scott, I suspect it is a subject that he doesn’t know how to handle quite so well, though the answer may be as simple as he was extremely busy, as usual and didn’t have the time to think about it.

By far the most excited person, and the best reaction to date has to be Roy, I sort of dropped it on him as I gave him the URL of this blog, told him to read it and went to lunch. A short while later he came and found me congratulating me, and just had this brilliant smile and totally positive and supportive attitude.

The most interesting statement of the day has to be that of Eric, before I had said anything or shown this blog, I said, “I have a secret I should share with you”, and he replied, “if it’s a statement about your real gender we don’t want to know.” So I said, “ok”, thinking that someone had told him. It didn’t take Eric long to ask what is it really, and I showed the site. He was initially confused and kept asking what it was about, and I replied, “it’s about me”. He initially didn’t grasp the concept, then when he did he was speechless, before finally saying, “well congratulations, that is if congratulations are the correct term for it?”

It has been a real long day, and I am quite exhausted. I have booked to get waxed tomorrow, and am going to get my hair cut and styled. What a shock that was… $372 for a cut and colour… wow, jeepers, crikey! I was expecting half that, but I have to admit in the past I have just done as little as possible for as much of the time as possible. The results have not always been pretty, but they have always been practical.

I think I might take some photos of before and after because the general feeling is there will be a massive difference in my appearance following my little beautifying sessions. Will post them here some where if I choose to go that way.