Shopping, shopping and more shopping….

Is not shopping the favourite hobby and pass time of any girl?

Brisbane can be fun to explore, but so can running around your old stomping ground visiting the shops you know are there, and to that end it wasn’t long before I had a complete new outfit and some extras from the Mount Ommaney . The problem came when trying to find shoes. I had been told by Ally that there was a shop “near a train station with steps and escalators” that specialised in selling oversize/large size shoes.

A few hours running around Central Station provided no answers or leads, so I decided to go to Garden City at Upper Mount Gravatt, there I got a tip from Payless Shoes that the train station was actually Roma Street Station. An hour of traffic and an $18 parking permit (for 15 minutes) later and a local cobbler told me the shop I was looking for closed around 3 years previous and that there were two shops I should try, one in Nundah called Graham’s Shoes and the other he couldn’t recall the name.

Another hour in traffic and a little frustration with bad (usual) Brisbane signage and I spoke to a lovely lady who was most helpful, and indicated that she could not help me, but could recommend Gilmour’s Comfort Shoes of Mount Gravatt as they would be sure to have the right sizes.

An hour traveling back to Mount Gravatt was not pleasant, but necessary, and the shop was located opposite where I was earlier… at Garden City! Well what a surprise I got there, and a pleasant one at that. I asked the lady if they sold large sized shoes and asked if they would have something nice for going out in. She replied, “of course, come this way, we’ll get you measured up first and then have a look at some styles.” As I was standing in the ladies section already I replied with, “I think I’d be better looking at the styles at this end if you don’t mind?” She replied with, “of course sweetie, I had no idea, and I’m sure we can help you.” The amusing thought I had was that the tone in her voice and her attitude changed completely when I indicated I was there to buy some ladies shoes for myself.

To cut a long story short I tried on a lovely pair of Italian made shoes that were absolutely perfect and a very comfortable fit. Unfortunately at $199 they were out of my price range for the day, but I have asked them to keep a note of the type/model because I definitely want a pair at a later date. I ended up purchasing a nice low heal set of shoes for a more modest sum and went away very happy.

The events of the day, particularly the chasing around for shoes had eaten into my “get ready” time and so Kylii her friend and I decided rather than head to The Beat as previously planned, we would test the new make up I bought, and have a look at the different outfits.