Diving can be a revealing sport…

Today was a beautiful day for diving, and I had lots of fun with the Nautilus SCUBA Centre diving on Flinders Reef at the North of Moreton Island. Diving started early in the morning with a 6am start for a 6:45am departure from the Nautilus SCUBA Centre shop. The diving was pretty uneventful, however a rather nice lady by the name of <to be inserted> noticed the blue nail polish on my toes and made comment. Of course me being me, said I hadn’t bothered with my fingers as the salt water gets under the polish and it all falls off.  She said that it was a little unusual to find someone (male) on a dive boat wearing blue nail polish, to which I replied that I wasn’t the usual sort of person.

A short conversation later revealed my “secret”, which she thought was wonderful and we continued to talk, chat and have fun all the way back from the reef.

In the early evening I decided to go out for a drink and for “Michelle” to say hello to a long time friends, Randy and Dave at the Jaz Wine Bar. The results were predictable with the exception that no-one had told poor Mel behind the bar who did a triple-take before recognising me and exclaiming something unprintable here.