Michelle gets a new hair style.

Today was the day for having some fun, so I messed around a bit in the morning, and then returned to The University of Queensland just before lunch, to have lunch. On the way through the building though I bumped into Claire, you know I do love Claire, she’s such a fun loving, lovely person, even if she’s working in the field of marketing (we can’t all be perfect can we? ;-)) Claire was a little shocked (that might be an understatement), but completely supportive, and I didn’t honestly expect anything less, because of what she is like. Funny thing is I apologised to her for a conversation I had with her some years before one late and drunk night at AusCERT, she didn’t remember, but I commented it was talking about fishnet’s and above the knee skirts (both of which I love) and the fact that I very nearly told her that I love wearing them etc. She thought this was quite funny even though she did not remember a thing about it.

Claire asked the usual questions about what it means to me, and do I fancy men etc, and then I went to get my hair cut, coloured and styled at Earth, Hair and Body in St Lucia. I chatted to Chris(3) there and showed some target styles I had in mind. All the styles were similar, and it was only a few moments before he suggested a plan for now and the future. I got my hair coloured to cover the grey, and to give a slightly different tint and life to my hair, he also trimmed it very lightly and straightened it. I love it, but the only problem is showing the picture to Ally (via my mobile phone camera) and she hates it. 🙁

The evening was spent with Kylii and Tom, where much hilarity ensued, even though Michelle didn’t get to come out for the evening.